css application(Themes) not saving in edit advance mode.

i’m using scriptcase 8.1.015 version in this when i created new theme and i tried to edit it in advanced mode but the theme is not saving, it is showing loading image continuously…[ATTACH=CONFIG]n62898[/ATTACH]



Are you using ScriptCase installer environment or some other installed manually?
Check max_input_vars variable in php.ini on your environment.

Did you increase your php timeout? That also can be the cause…

something similar happend to me, but when i upload an image for use it in background of a form page, didnt save it. I return to sc 8.1.014 and it works. so for me it is a bug on sc 8.1.015


What is the browser are you using?

Chrome and IE 11


Try to access another browser or a private page.
If the problem persists, report here so we can make a remote access.

I have the same problem with Version 8.1.023. It seems that if I use normal Edit for themes it works. Saving takes about 10-15 seconds.
But if I use advanced mode saving is faster than 1 second ?? No matter what I change. When I reopen it all the changes are gone.
I also observed, that preview does not work any more in advanced mode.
I tried it with Chrome and Firefox, no difference.

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I found the reason for this problem. The max_input_var setting in php.ini was too small (1000). I had to increase it and now the advanced mode is able to save
changes. But still some features in Refinded Search do not work correctly. SC should either modify the installation procedure, or add an information
in the Installation doc, that you have to increase this setting otherwise some features will not work.

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I was going to suggest that, glad you found it by yourself and fixed for you.

Vijay, are you still with problems when editing any theme? Have you tried Billy’s solution?

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this is default for php, so everyone sooner or later get this problem,
i suggest SC ads this to diagnostic page.
actually would be nice to have an option to edit plain CSSs files, which are just in the THEMES folder under your theme name.