CSS Theme Editor

Since Update to PHP 8.1 I’m not able to use the previex on the scriptcase CSS theme editor advanced Mode, Someone has the same issue, also the RUN and Generate Buttons of the Bar are blank on the project view

Hey penguinale,

To resolve the issues you are experiencing with Scriptcase after the upgrade to PHP 8.1:

CSS Theme Editor Preview Issue: Try to clearing your browser cache or utilizing an alternate browser to check whether the preview works. Check to see if there are any Scriptcase updates or patches that address compatibility issues with PHP 8.1 if that does not resolve the issue.

Clear Fastens in Undertaking View: This could be because of a problem with the PHP upgrade’s compatibility. By looking for updates or consulting Scriptcase’s support resources, you can make certain that Scriptcase is fully compatible with PHP 8.1. Additionally, try refreshing the page or restarting the Scriptcase server to check whether it resolves the blank buttons issue.

Consider contacting Scriptcase’s support team for additional assistance or checking their forums for discussions regarding PHP 8.1 compatibility issues if these steps do not resolve the issues.