customizing mobile login screen


anybody knows, how i can customizing the mobile loginscreen?

for Desktop login i use the Recruitment Tracker example, but this dosn’t work on mobile

The only thing you can is the menu which has a mobile tab (although it’s easy overlooked). To have the applications work under mobile you need to use the ‘responsive’ templates which are all sc8 templates. But go step-by-step, they are not wihtout issues. But I did manage to get a good working mobile app, so it is doable.

Hi Albert,


My application was running on both the desktop as well as on my tablet without any problems so far. Certain restrictions that existed on the tablet, I have just solved otherwise. The only problem is that my login screen always starts on the tablet in the mobile mode, which did not do it before. Previously the same login screen was also always started as on the desktop. the workaround “$ _SESSION [ ‘script case’] [‘display_mobile’] = false;” it is possible to see login screen in the desktop version, but always a reload of the page needs to be done first. If the browser app “Safari” has been started once and was never closed, the desktop version is always started only when Safari is completely closed, is a reload necessary. I use only SC8 Templates.