I have a Team application, Athletes, Schedule (list not calendar), Records that all relate to a ‘Team’.

I would like to have a Dashboard that has these for applications open and the Dashboard is opened when a person selects a Team from another application.

How do I pass this information to the dashboard and the opened widgets?


In general, by sending it as Post or Get data. Be aware that this is a potential security breach as anyone can access your application. Solution might be to use encryption or userid/password in combination of ssl. So your application could be called using myapp.php?mypar1=a&myparm2=b etc. To be retrieved as [mypar1] or $_GET Use a blank application and then re-open your dashboard. Otherwize you have a real issue to refesh the different panels, or… use the time to autorefresh, but it looks less responsive then.


If I upfront the dashboard with a blank application, would this help and avoid the security concerns?

It depends and it’s hard to tell. If you are receiving parameters from another application you have to think well about your design to prevent security issues. Scriptcase does a lot, but the chain is always as strong as the weakest link.

If I have a ‘Blank’ SC application that sets a global variable and then launches the dashboard, should be concerned about security in that case?

It depends what you do with the global variable. If this is used into your sql directly then you might have introduced a way to do sql injection which could be very harmful.

I am only using it a a global_var to know which team to use in a dashboard about teams - which is a # value - others are rejected