Data dictionary database

Hi guys
any idea where SC keeps all data-dictionary data? is there an sqli file database or something? if so where the file is located?


Hi @maximnl ,

It is inside nm_scriptcase.db (if you use SQLite in your Scriptcase) in the table sc_tbrep_fields.

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Hi Derick , thanks for your answer, here is a little follow up
I found indeed this file in the dev environment of SC. it has all the projects and is almost 1 gig big.

however i am asking myself how the language translations are deployed in the production? i could not find any sql lite database which would carry language information. as the language information hardcorded at the moment of deployment ?

hmmm I don’t know really. But un /scriptcase/devel/lib/php there are two php files:


that can give a clue on how it happens. These files are generated into your project and go to the production.

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yes , indeed, the translations are compiled into php files. i found an older tread about it.
in my case, if i want the end users let edit translations via custom forms, i would need
to inject the edited data into the sqlite db of scriptcase. Only after deployment the changes will be visible , which is doable.

i ll get hands on the injection , as many wonder how to let the users edit translations without a SC licence. It seems this got a low prio at SC, i do not think they gonna do something about it if so much time already passed after the requests. Obviously developers are not the translators, so the design choice to lock this great feature into the dev environment is questionable.

Hi Maximnl,
I am also interested in your propose solution on changing label without SC. Did u find a solution for this?

I delayed the translation part. i will take a look at it half 2024. I did it for extensive real estate inspection reports based on text reports/pdf using automatic google translate. a similar approach would work for sc apps as well.
it seems SC has no priority on improving the translation module.