Data Dictionary - Mask

I want to add the date input mask in the data dictionary. I rather add the input mask once rather than multiple times in the different forms, reports, etc. I’ve seen it under the ‘More Properties’ but when I try to add it, it doesn’t save. I want to have the format be like 2012-May-08 so that’s Y-M-d but it doesn’t save. I’ve also tried ‘Y-M-d’, “Y-M-d” and #Y-M-d# but have had no luck. Any thoughts? I’m frustrated because it’s something that is suppose to be SO easy but I’m quite stumped.


Re: Data Dictionary - Mask

Hi, I has the same problem, do you get any solution? thx.

Re: Data Dictionary - Mask


I have just sent this issue for further testing to our bugs team.

Bernhard Bernsmann

Has there been any change to this ? I am trying to do the same, save a MASK setting in the DD but the mask is not getting saved ?