Data Dictionnary not synchronizing Form App and errors

Hi you all,

Under SC 9.8.011 (14), I’m actually not able to synchronize data dictionary with application forms, and then unable to generate app.

devel/class/generator/nmFontePHPForm.class.php linha: 2296

All was working as expected under former SC version.

in data dictionnary :

  • connexion MySQSL is OK
  • table synchronization is OK (green indicator and manualy verified)
  • Synchronize applications NO : only the Grid is related to the table, the form is not present in the synchronize application choice

In the form (expected synchronized) :

  • Form settings / SQL name of table is OK
  • Form settings / Edit fields : all fields are OK
  • Application / synchronise table is OK

So i’m expecting data dictionnary will be synchronized … but no

What i have allready done :

  • delete friendly urls files in scriptcase/app/myappname/_lib/friendly_url
  • delete all generated apps in scriptcase/app/ exept /_lib
  • regererate all the apps

this happens for almost all my forms ! Why “almost” ? Why “why” ? :hushed:

Main project, weekend stress … you know that !

Thanks in advance for help or any diagnosys