Database connection not found - is this a Bug ?

Tried with deploying a project already deployed on a diffrent machine with error
i have tried all ways as per the forum.
i am getting database connection not found.
I tried this with a new project i am developing. then i tried with an already completed project. The already completed one has been successfully deployed. but now with it , i am getting the same error. is this an upgrade issue ? My test environment is XAMPP on windows.
The latest version asks for Windows/Linux / OSx options.Is the the reason for error ?
Will scriptcase not work on XAMPP anymore ?

personal, if I have to test under windows, I do it with wampserver, have you installed your database via phpmyadmin, once done, have you connected your database, via http: // localhost / (name of prog) / prod / lib / php /? login, once done, check your path in the config of your database, pay attention to your firewall, disable it for your localhost, it will already allow you to see where you are with the basic config of your app,