Database Connection String to validate User ID and Password

Need assistance connecting to a SQL Anywhere database to validate user id and password from login screen.

I have tried the following and receive error "FATAL ERROR Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function odbc_connect() in /var/www/html/index.php74(4) : eval()'d code:8 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/index.php74(4): eval() #1 {main} thrown on line number 8

<?php " $connection_string = 'DRIVER=Sybase;SERVER=test;DATABASE=test'; $user = 'user'; $pass = 'password'; $connection = odbc_connect( $connection_string, $user, $pass ); ?>

I have also tried the following and receive “417 - Expectation Failed error.”

<?php //================================================================ $db_server_name = "test"; $db_name = "test"; $db_user = "user"; $db_pass = "password"; //================================================================ $connect_string = "Driver={SQL Anywhere 17.0};". "ServerName=$db_server_name;". "DatabaseName=$db_name;". "uid=$db_user;pwd=$db_pass"; // Connect to DB $conn = odbc_connect($connect_string,'',''); Any suggestions or examples for validating User ID and PSWD would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Was able to connect to SQL Anywhere database with the following:

$connection_string = ‘Driver=SQL Anywhere 17;SERVER=servername;DATABASE=database’;
$conn = odbc_connect( $connection_string, sc_sql_injection($user_id), sc_sql_injection($pass));