Datatype image in Form details


In the php afterupdate event I would like to retrieve the image details like size, mime, local name. The $_POST returns an array $_POST[“rsargs”][<index>] with the needed information.

But when I insert a new field on the form the array shifts and I have again to determine the right index for example the local name. So I’am searching for a developer friendly way to get to this information.



Re: Datatype image in Form details

Using mysql to update a picture field in a form (from database file) I get a message.

Undefined variable: sKeepImage

(This is not a variable I have entered).

This only appears if I try to change the image on the form. If I do not change the image
it updates normally. So I’m wondering if I have to define the format of how the image is saved.

Can anybody help.

Also is there a convenient way to compress an image. I have tried compress in mysql
but I’m wondering if there is a scriptcase command. Images are taking too long to download.



Re: Datatype image in Form details

We have in our brazilian forum a code that one customer made to resize an image after the upload. Later i’ll translate and post on example code.

Re: Datatype image in Form details

can you post code for resize image?

what is creating the sKeepImage error? I am retrieving an image from MySQL in a form and whenever I save any changes the ERROR Undefined variable: sKeepImage appears. When the form reloads the correct image appears. Any help is appreciated.


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Bernhard Bernsmann

Can you do it please or even give us the link to this?
I can try to use Google Translate.

Does anyone have the SC specific code to resize images like quoted? ? Not really specific just a standard function.

same issue here