Delete a manual field created on an app

I have a grid app (or a form app), or any other that allows you to create manual fields. There’s any way to remove those fields? You can disable them, but not to remove from the Edit fields or field positioning sections.

the fields you create has a Trash icon, just click on it to delete

I don’t know why, but it didn’t work. The little trash icon can be pressed, but the only action it takes is to open the field properties in the right frame. I will try again and I let you know if it works.

[SOLVED] I don’t know why, but seems now it works fine. I will reopen or add something new to this thread if I find the same problem again.


So i had the same problem and i know now how to solve it - just to close the app, even logout/login again (in scriptcase), open the app again - and now the delete icon is working.