Deployed code not displaying the utf-8 charset data correctly


I am new to scriptcase… Ihave created my first app to display in indian languages…on deployment data is displayed in ??? marks only… where as on my laptop scripcase is showing data properly… and I could see the data properly on myphpadmin of webserver… but not on the scriptcase generated code… any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance

I Got this running wiht the help of godaddy team… they configured something and it is up and running… one more issue though… the website is showing nodata nodata in the body section… before data from database is displayed… i am attaching a image … thanks in advance

Screenshot from 2017-01-18 09-20-41.png

If you have your webserver and your deployment in UTF-8 then be smart and put your database in UTF-8 as well… Likely your database is in another characterset.