Deploying locally with SQLite

I wonder if anybody has succeed to deploy standalone project based on SQLite on a single computer ?
Another words - is it possible to install SC project very much like installing standalone EXE program (for example user is given a ZIP file and simply extracts everything that’s needed to the local HD and runs the project through the browser shortcut). Theoretically I think it should work but I wonder if there are any traps ?


I’ve deployed a Standalone project on Android using KSWEB on tablets. You can use mySql or Sqlite as DB.
You need a XAMPP/WAMPP environment for Windows. Perhaps you can install on a test deploy machine and zip the entire Xampp folder, then try to unzip on another one and see…
Uniform Server ( a Xampp alternative ) can be installed on USB pen so easy to replicate everywhere.

ok, thank for sharing
Let me go further with this. If the Project + SQLite is working as standalone on Windows machine, would it work (or have you tried) on Android device with some WEB SERVER APP ?


Yes, someone here already deployed a scriptcase application using ksweb.

I can confirm. I’ve a lot of customers using this “mobile” solution. In my case with MySql but SqlLite is an option.
The same project is deployed under Linux and Android and it works very well.
Unfortunately this option is not available in IOS :wink:

OK if this works, then my next question would be on different but related topic.
Say I have a working APP based on MySQL (which I already have).
I want to crete duplicate of this App but based on SQLite and create local installation set so user can basically tun the App witout internet. Since this should work fine, then what would the best option to do database synchronization ?
I wold consider manual updates (user has to click the button to Sync). Initially I would have only SERVER > Client updates (MySQL > SQLite) then possibly bo-directional in the future.
Also - what would be the fastes way to convert existing MySQL structure to SQLite ?
with around 200 tables I hate to do it by hand…


You can try with this
Not already used but it’s available for Android too

Well if you are using ksweb then you can also use mysql (innodb).
You could create/download a php script to extract data from the tables.

sqlite x.db .dump > output.sql

Then you can import them into mysql.

There are many links on the web also:

An easy way is to simply copy the .db file and make a php script using pdo and go table for table and line for line and just copy

Anyway some searching on the net and you’ll find lots of links.