Deployment issue with hostgator

ok I got hostgator to check my account to make sure it wasn’t on their end. I have deployed the project to 4 different site. 1 to my main site and 3 to subdomains.

All I get is a blank screen. Or an error saying the site wasn’t found error 404 I think. Nothing about 1st time login or anything else

I’ve worked on this all week, I have deployed many projects in the past but this version v9 is giving me fits. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you rename the index.php to something else and replace it with say one that that displays the phpinfo(), or add an additional info.php. Now if you connect again do you still see nothing?
IE: What have you done to troubleshoot that the server you are connecting to?
Have you tried clearing the cache?

Verify that you have set the connections correct. To be able to you need to change the rights of the scriptcase folder temporary to 777, set the connection, then to 644.

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Thanks for ya’lls reply. HG will not allow 777. So I have set everything to 755. Now everything works for an ADD. But if I try to edit the record, it does not save. Any suggestions??? thanks for your help…

hello, a question, is your hosting shared or a VPS?

Shouldn’t make a difference, if you can add, you should be able to edit.

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I’ve never seen an issue with hosting shared vs vps. BTW this is hosted sharing. Maybe I will regen the complete app and upload again to see if that makes a difference. I’m using eXplorer to change persmissions on all of the files and folders…

thanks everyone… I redeployed the entire project and that fixed it. THANKS!!!

back again… UGGGGHH. Once I change a field and hit SAVE. I get processing, but no DATA MODIFIED notice. If I get the DATA MODIFIED notice I know its been saved. But on a current data set I’m using I only get “PROCESSING”. There has got to be a correlation between Processing and Data Modified. What is stopping it from saving the field? thanks!

See if you can set full debug mode for PHP. I’m not using HG so that’s hard to tell. But if you application dies because of some reason then you must be able to see error messages. Are you sure you are not running PHP 7.4? Max version to be used is 7.3

It’s been a while since I used the debugger. I will try and figure it out tonight. My dev machine is running 7.4 and the update works fine. The HG webserver is 7.3 and does not. Thanks for your help.

My dev machine is running ------>7.4 <------and the update works fine.

You’re sure? it is best to have 7.3 on both sides.