Deployment time HTTP ERROR 500

Deployment time getting HTTP ERROR 500
This is not the first time I am deploying. scriptcase version 9.7.013

Permissions for Folders: 755 and for Files 644 – already given.
it is asking for a first-time password (scriptcase as usual). once the password is passed, this error is coming.

it reaches up to :

and HTTP ERROR 500


OK, get it done for this time.
The production server was PHP v 8.x
Once I downgrade to PHP 7.3, then worked.

What is the max PHP supported by 9.7.013?


PHP 7.3. That is the point many users here are anxious for Scriptcase with PHP 8.1.

I have latest update 9.8.013 and that supports php 8.1
Error 500:
The server you are deploying too is super sensitive to the file permissions.
I have one server that will only open the production UI if ALL the files and folders are set to 755
After deployment is done ok, you can then revert the settings to what you wish