Development Paths versus Production Paths (and issues with ReportPDF application)

I have searched up the manual and the forum extensively about this and haven’t found a complete answer.

I’m very confused about these paths, where to set them up, how to use them, where are they stored in the generated files, is there global variables ?

Let me expose what I know and I’ll ask you my questions at the end.

#1. Within Scriptcase, I can set up the paths below

#2. Within applications, we can set up the 2 paths below

#3. When we deploy (advanced mode), we can set up the 4 paths below

#4. When I use an Application Form and set up a “Image (File Name)” field or “Document (File Name)” field, the selected file ends up in the directory defined in #1 above. So this works properly.


Q1 . Why the “Documents” path is absolute and the “Image” path is relative ?

Q2 . How are the paths set up at the application level (see #2 above) used ? Do they surcharge the settins made in the developement environment (#1) ?

Q3 . From my development environment, to access the Image folder for instance, I have to prefix the image file name with “…/…/…/file/img” because the applications are in the “wwwroot\scriptcase\app” folder and the “img” and “doc” folders are in the wwwroot\scriptcase\file" folder. But from the production environment, I have to prefix the image name with “…/_lib/file/img”. How am I supposed to handle this in the code to write the code only once ?

Q4 . In a ReportPDF application, I have found out that the macro “sc_pdf_image()” used the “Layout PDF/Code” area can’t take a variable for its first parameter (image path name). Indeed I have tried many different ways to use a variable so I can get my image paths from somewhere else (config, database, global variable), but it looks like there is a problem with the forward slashes! See below. If I store the “…/…/…/file/img/” in a PHP variable and use it here instead, it does not work.

sc_pdf_image(’…/…/…/file/img/’ . $topImgName ,$topImgX,$topImgY,$topImgWidth,$topImgHeight, $fileExt);

So my question here is: how can I use the “sc_pdf_image()” function in the development and the production environment without having to replace this code when deploying?

I’m sure I must have missed something somewhere because everyone must have the same issue.

Thanks a lot for your assistance.

you can use the path
by ex:


$varn= “$code_classe_vb $periode”.“P”." $millesime $mill2.pdf";

$dirpat = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]."/tmp";

$nom = “$dirpat/val”; // directory to create

// verify if it exists :
if (!(is_dir($nom)))  { 
      echo 'the directory '.$nom.' is create !';      

if(isset([idelv])) {$pdf->Output("$nom/$varn", ‘FI’);}
if(isset([idelv])) {sc_pdf_output("$nom/$varn", ‘FI’);}


I ended up searching all session variables and found out the ones I needed. I now assign my own global variables to make sure they don’t change.
Any idea about my question #4 ?

$image_file = ‘…/_lib/img/logo.jpg’;
$image_file_cefa = ‘…/_lib/img/grp__NM__bg__NM__cefa.png’;


then you can try


Thx nsch2308.
I did the test with what you proposed:

$image_file = ‘…/_lib/img/logo.jpg’;
$this->Pdf->Image($image_file,‘15’,‘23’,‘45’,‘45’,’’,’’,’’,‘true’); // in the “Layout PDF/Code” section, we must use “$this->Pdf”

This works :+1:

$image_file = ‘…/_lib/img/logo.jpg’;

This does not work.

I’ll mention this in the BUG section.

Thanks a lot.

this work to
$image on event onRecords
and in interface PDF
on Code

Ok. And do you know where is $pdf declared ?

i declare on record my variables and on pdf interace code $pdf-> on pdf document
$pdf is include in pdf doc

Ok. Thanks. I’ll take a look at this. Have a great day.