dinamic sc_field_display params

Hi dear scriptcase users:

When i want to hide a field in a grid, i use the next code in onScriptIni event and work ok:

sc_field_display(‘field_name’, ‘off’);

But, when i want use a var in place of direct string, the function dont work correctly (do nothing)


$arr_privilegios = array(‘field_name’);

foreach($arr_privilegios as $priv)
sc_field_display($priv, ‘off’);

This is a bug??

Thank all people and sorry about my primitive english.


I have reported this issue to our bugs team for further testing.

Bernhard Bernsmann

I believe I had a similar problem and moving the code to OnLoad / OnAppInit worked…

This still doesn’t work 4 years later…

esto se soluciono pues yo hoy trato de hacer lo mismo y no me funciona, he probado 1000 de posibilidades y nadaa

this was solved, because today i try to do the same and it dos not work for me, i have several possibilities and nothing
my english is not very good , sorry