disabled fields lost its value on update

I have multiple record form that contain three fields (a,b,c)
if I disable the field (a) in update mode when I want to change values in other fields and click save changes the field (a) is empty
I think the update function in scriptcase give an empty value to the disabled field , What is the solution in this case ??

set the default in the field properties perhaps? Or set these in the file edit screen on insert and/or on update.

Can you explain more please ??


I need to understand your problem a little better. I would have to double check, but I believe that an HTML form does not return a ‘disabled’ field. That is a browser 'feature, not a scriptcase problem.

Where are you looking to tell that it is empty? If a field is disabled, then scriptcase should not update that field in the table. If scriptcase IS setting the field to null or empty, then I would consider that a bug. It should only update fields that it receives from the form.


I use google chrome browser , my problem that is I have a multiple record form and I have a field that contain the value ‘1’ for example if I make the field disable in update mode when I select the record and I click save the value is set to (empty or the default value in database).


Issue reported to our bugs team.

Bernhad Bernsmann

Hello Alex,

Could you inform us more details on how you are assigning this value to the field that is disabled?
I advise you to enable debug mode to check how your application is behaving regarding the database.


This is Alex’s issue. I was just trying to help him out.


Ops, sorry! I meant to say Alex.

Hello John,

I have a table ‘test’ with fields (‘id’,‘a’,‘b’,‘c’) , I create a multiple record form application and I set the field ‘a’ “disable” in update mode .
I insert the record (‘a1’,‘b1’,‘c1’) and then if I want to update the field ‘b’ and I click save the field ‘a’ will be empty
In debug mode the sql statement is : update test set a=’’ , b = ‘new b’ , c = ‘c1’ where id = …
So I think the problem is in the update statement it should be : “update test set b=‘new b’ where …” only update changed fields
or "update test set a=‘a1’ , b = ‘new b’ , c = ‘c1’ where id = … " get the correct value from disable field


this is the same issue as the pswd - problem in the security model when editing a user.

btw. i think it should be possibe that the user could select the fields which he wants to load from the database ( same as could be done in a grid ).
if you hae a table with, lets say 50 fields and you need to let the user update only one field, why should a query over all fields be done. With huge amount of data in the table, it would make the query mauch faster, if the fields could be selected !


This problem has been registered in the system to be fixed.

Hello to all

This issue was solved?

I think no, I’m using SC 9.2 and I have the same problem

best regards