Discord chat group for Scriptcase https://discord.gg/WwmEnV2

Hi all,

When I wrote this post, I talked about Slack, when I was thinking on Discord. Slack it’s a very good tool, but is focused on WorkTeams, meanwhile Discord allows to enter anybody without approbation and is more focused in something like a modern IRC/group skype/Teamspeak.

Please, Join here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[SIZE=8px]After some conversation with some users, I created a team on slack.com for scriptcase users, to have a chat space to talk and ask doubts.
You can get an invitation here https://goo.gl/forms/3My7k3Rv4c8ylgW52

Slack allows file sharing, calls 1on1, mentions and so on. It’s a great tool we use internally in our company.[/SIZE]

There are 2 lang channels right now.

English users please write on #english
Spanish users please write on #espaniol

If you are SC reseller, please, send me a PM to give you access to reseller’s private channel

Enjoy it.

Ok, my fail. To register, send me your email using this form to get an invitation:

Hi Giu
Thanks, I joined up.

How do you see people using the slack channel versus these forums?

I updated the main post. Sorry. This is having more repercussion than expected, and in this situation slack is not the best tool IMHO.

About your question, they are differents tools. I’m against duplicate the social communities. Forums is to have the information organized and complex questions, and Discord is for chat (faster and simpler questions), voice calls, relax time-.-- etc…

I joined… this will be great! Will we just sort of watch for activity or are you planning on having any sort of meeting times for chats?

I don’t have any plans right now. I created due to a need from spanish users. And I thought was a good idea. I have a lot of ideas to apply, (webinars, streamings, and so on) just I don’t have too much time until September.