"Display Web version" on mobile ?

Hi ,

on mobile mode, we have on all screen ‘Display Web version’ link message
How can we disable this ?


Hello everyone, also me I’m looking for a solution to remove on mobile this message
‘Display Web version’.
Does anyone have a solution ??
Unfortunately SC8 still has many problems on the mobile version.


I hope that very soon Netmake upgrade the development system for the mobile version.
Otherwise I’ll see forced to change the development system.


This the answer from bugs team ::

“You can’t natively remove the message, you can change the source code generated and remove it.”

So, I have more than 40 apps concerned with this message, if we change something we need to change the generated code again !!!

Not a solution for me

I remove thus (in onApplicationInit):

echo “<style>
#sc-id-mobile-out {
visibility: hidden;

Thanks …

Is there a purpose to put that “Display web service” ?
Why can’t scriptcase just remove it ?

“Display web version” you mean? Only Netmake can tell.

That’s the reason scriptcase got so much bugs.
The developers think too complex.
They can just remove this one line sentence instead of adding another function to remove it.

I believe things are same with other functions.


Just empty those message variables in Language area :

lang_version_mobile, lang_version_web


Hi Nac,

Cool and simple solution


hi nice info good job

webs services

:smiley: first thing i looked this like few years back, language, then removed them and was fine… problem is sometimes you need really to have desktop version to display more stuff, so user may click on it, then returned them back few months later.

still mobile layout is not quite perfect, i mean in general, don’t you agree guys?