Distributed Application in SC5

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I Would like to share the ideas of Distributed application, which helps to maintain the Large projects with ease. But I am doubtful whether SC5 supports it.

  • There sould be a Security Project which should be taken care of all security functions
    The security Project also would have a menu application which will able to show only the menus applicable to Login

The menu application is responsible to call the appropriate application from the sepecific project which would be well defined in the database table

  • The Application like Purchase, OrderTrack, Sales, HR, Planning, Inventory are all would be separate projects with internal folders organized based on its internal functions.

In a Team environment the members would be managing the project module would be responsible for a module and revision control can be maintained for individual modules

  • The Application Intergration will be happening dynmically using the menu and integreated database tables.

  • The Common connection string would be defined in the security application as defined and used accross the entire application.

  • Tther would also a provisoin for Cross prlatform connections defined in the security application which can be used to port datas from varities of databases like Ms-access, SQLlite, Oracle DB2 and etc to base respository database.

This is the framework I had be working on and i would like to call the Application from other project, using [Projectname][Application Name] which is not allowing…!

Is there a option is available…!

Comment on the above and further ideas are appreciated


Re: Distributed Application in SC5

That view point is good. SC5 should allow applications reusables with other projects.

Distributed Application in SC5

LGPL software is focused on libraries. And anything that uses LGPL libraries may or may not be commercial as long as the license of the library is not changed and the whole application with source is distributed with the product.

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Re: Distributed Application in SC5