Disturbing Login Error Message

Anyone has any idea how to get rid of the irritating login error message as below:

Login: Required field
Password: Required field

I am using the SC’s 7 security module and every time I click on the Username or the Password field the above ERROR appears (when the field is blank). I need to get rid of it.


Go to the generated application and change the fields properties to not-required. You can apply custom changes as long as you don’t recreate them from the security menu.

With the solution given by aducom you still have “must at least have 4 characters” message. Also, I’ve set highlight field with error to no yet it still highlights it in pink! I swear there are settings in SC that are there just to look at. Custom messages don’t work either and NM doesn’t seem to care! If someone wants to change the theme at Login, the error messages change position of things to show the annoying message which makes it look unprofessional. NM needs to focus on fixing things that already exist instead of adding new features that don’t work and have to be updated several times a week!

The generated application is like a ‘wizzard’ application. It’s more a kind of template to paste your own stuff into it. It saves a lot of time compared by writing it all yourself. What do you mean with custom messages don’t work? I think there’s a lot of things to be said regarding SC and I’ve been pretty critical about some things, but …

Hello Guys,

Could someone help me with the above disturbing error?

Do we have any solution on SC9?