Does Scriptcase supports Single Sign on (SSO

Is there someone that has experience with SSO and scriptcase?

SSO is nothing more then sigle sign on. For example SAML. You can code your own or better use SimpleSaml
See here:

Thanks. Can it be combined with the security i allready build with scriptcase (Read the information in the databases and the globale variables in IT)

Yes, but you need to make the integration yourself. Not that difficult, in the logon application that you have generated you replace the database logon with the saml code. For the rest, the internal security works as before.

Thanks i’ll give it a try

Hi, could you perhaps give more info about this topic?

After googling I saw there are multiple topics on these forums asking questions about SSO, but no definitive answer!

I also need to integrate SSO on our scriptcase projects that runs on intranet, so our users don’t have to input credentials on each login, but it can take windows credential and automatically login.

In another thread, you wrote this, answering someone who asked about the implementation of SimpleSaml into scriptcase.

“The first thing is to store the lib in a good place where you can reach it. Do not put it into _lib because it will be overwritten on each new SC update. Create a _customlib or something similar. You need to upload this lib manually as it’s not a part of the sc package. Then you can use events to include it and use the functions.”

so I have a custom lib folder for our external libraries, but I’m clueless about SimpleSaml. I read the documentation on the website but it’s not very clear to me.

Could you provide a more specific example please?

Currently our Security module is setup with LDAP, so each user has to put in the credentials on the login page of our Scriptcase Project.

Thank you

Currently scriptcase has more options to store you libs into, like external libraries. Investigate that, I know scriptcase has a video about that on youtube. The sso code you need to write yourself, but in general you redirect to the sso partner and they will call you back with a ‘good/wrong’ indication.