Drag and Drop Calendar doesn't work after deploy

Need help, because when I deploy my calendar app, the function drag an drop doesn’t work, if somebody know what must I do, let me know please

I am not sure if this is related, but in SC9(.1) the calendar has a serious bugs, I can save an appointment and it doesn’t appear, only after the eventdate have been passed. I reported the issue some time ago, but SC was too busy working on 9,1… In your case have you checked if the database is updated or not?

thank you Albert for your information

I had the same problem. Everything worked fine in my development environment and my server. When deploying to the customer’s server did not work. I spoke with scriptcase and found that PHP version on the customer’s site was 7.2, went back to 7.0 and works fine. The funny thing is my production site has 5.x and also works ok.

I faced the same problem.

I use this workaround, if it’s very important for you, do the same :

Open AppName_apl.php file in the deployed app directory
find the line
function calendarWhere($sId, $bRecur, $bPrintCalendar = false, $filter = null)
Modify the line (In only put the second paramter optionnal, as in my case my events are not reccurent)
function calendarWhere($sId, $bRecur = false, $bPrintCalendar = false, $filter = null)
Close and reoppen the app, it’s works. (it’s working only for traidtionnals eventw with no recurrent way)

As it’s a workaround, every modification of the calendar need to reapply the patch inthe deploiement directoy !!!

Thank Laurent ,
it works very well

Thanks Laurent, it works.