Duplicated entries in log app/ files

I use scriptcase provided logging mechanism with a scheme that logs every event: access, insert, update, delete.

With some form apps (not all) the insert log always creates 2 entries in sc_log file. They are exactly same because time stamp is same hh:mm:ss values and contents also same.

Done troubleshooting by creating a new log scheme and switching from old to the new: still double insert entries in same form apps.

Problem started in SC8 (app got converted) so it’s not peculiar to SC9 but I created fresh log scheme in SC9 and still same problem.

Anyone encountered and solved same?

I don’t have the problem, but you can remove duplicate entry in the Log report by adding DISTINCT in your SELECT

SELECT DISTINCT id, inserted_date, username, …

Thanks, you’re right but I would really like to get to the root cause. Imagine I make a banking app and each payment is subtracted twice from the customer’s account :slight_smile:

Yes sure,

Is the problem in dev and prod, because I have a problem where the app is looping 2 to 3 times before opening, this can cause more than on entry. But it only happen in dev not in prod.

Yes its in both dev and production. It occurs every time submit is pressed (insert record operation) not only once at the start.