Enabling translations from outside

Hi, I’d like to know if there’s any way to load the translations via a batch process using by example an external file.
I explain: We have a translation department, but we don’t want that they can access to scriptcase to edit the translations. The idea is to give them the empty keys {lang_****} and they send us the file translated and this file upload into scriptcase as translation keys.
Is this possible?

Afaik it is not. We have requested this as a wish a long time ago…

I have asked the scriptcase support some time ago and they told me there is no possibility to load translations into scriptcase.

Your strings you want to translate are stored under your_project/_lib/lang in the php files. All files of the type xx.lang.php where xx is the country are the ones.
Be aware not to make mistakes in the file tho…
Alternatively you could even replace it with a routine of yourself where you put the translations in a table and you replace the xx.lang.php files. But you should then always be aware of your not overwriting your xx.lang.php then.

Hi, that’s a good solution, the problem is that this never is synchronized with scriptcase translations, so when I delopy the _lib again, all the data entered will be overwritten. This is not what I want, I’d like to make something that is exportable to scriptcase, ideally, something similar to POEdit.

Exportable to scriptcase??
I dont get it that one… But as you see the lang files are just basic php files that are generated by scriptcase.
So as long as you keep a backup you can quickly compare the just altered version with the old backup version. It needs some smart coding but I guess it can be done.
I dont see a way to get it down without some custom coding…

Any news about this?? 2021…
It’d be a great improvement for SC !!!