Encryption data?


What solutions are available to encrypt the data in the database? Example one or two fields in particular.

Thank you

If you are using MySQL you can use the encryption option

Ok but I wouldn’t rewrite all query.


see this thread where it talks about table level encryption

I mainly wanted to store personal information (identity, passport number, etc.,) about clients.

You will have to rewrite all query related to those information, there is no direct support in SC

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Be careful of the performance impacts encryption may have on your queries. There is overhead you must consider.

Hi Yannick, I also store privacy sensitive information. Sc_encode and sc_decode are not enough for you?

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WOW !! Zaz. it’s perfect.

Thank you very much, so simple.

Be careful, this is encoding, not encrypting, this is the lowest level of security you can get, just after nothing

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I understand, it’s better than nothing. Do you know the encoding and decoding formula used?

No, I never used it before

Since I mostly use MySQL, the native encryption is almost as easy to use as sc_encode

AES, yes very simple, but too restrictive to use with Scriptcase.

Hi Zaz,

Do you have any idea how to encode data already in my database?
I want to encode the first and last name on my 2000 existing files?


Hi Yannick,

You have to make a loop, reading the records, encode them and update them again. After that it is not so easy to work with searches and sorting. I also have a table of names and addresses. I have not encrypted the names, but the rest of the record has. Does that help you?

Ok for the loop. But, what is the name of the php function equivalent to sc_encode ()?

Hmmm, good point about research, might that not work anymore?


What do you mean equivalent? You can still use sc_encode?

Hi Zaz,

You have to make a loop, reading the records, encode them and update them again.

Are you talking about a php script outside of scriptcase?

It cannot be outside Scriptcase since you don’t know the encoding algorithm

hi Jboutin60,

How do I create a script inside Scriptcase at this time?

Where to put my php code (loop)?