Enterprise vs Professional

Hi All,

Is there a page or table that shows the differences between professional and enterprise?
I looked around the site and could not find it if it is there.
Of course I could just be having an off day…



Hi Craigbert
The differences are the databases you can work with.


OK, so everything else is the same?
I know that there is also the concept of “seats” and multiple folks in the same project which is unique to the Enterprise edition.
Chart features, report features, dashboard features, form features, menu features, security features, etc. are all 100% the same, correct?

Yes, you can buy additional seats to share projects with a group/team. The rest it is the same.
But you can chat with SC people to ask more questions.


Thanks @gbillot3 , I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
I will chat w/SC folks for additional questions. :slight_smile:

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Just go enterprise for now with your choice of Database… then migrate to professional when/if you need additional developers.

Thank! I appreciate the suggestion.