Error after update 9.9.001

1 week ago I updated my system. And it was working fine. But since the last update several things don’t work.

1-Redirection from the GRID to other applications using buttons. also from the control form. (If I redirect to a blank window)
2-Action Bar, doesn’t work either. and this frustrates me because I had already put this option in the system of my clients.

also the help window of the macros, they no longer appear, only the side panel.

I would appreciate it if you check the updates, because it delays the work of the developers. And we cannot give solutions to clients, because it does not depend on us.

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I face the same issue.
Action bar was working fine and is a nice feature.
Suddenly stopped working, no possible clic, probably after SC update.

Did you find any solution ?

same here. also reported this bug
in the latest update there is a bug when you combine sc_field_display({filed}, ‘off’); with an ajax event on change.

no repsonse yet