Error: cannot read an excel file - permission prohibited


I have a problem when I want to read an excel file to update my database.
This problem only arises locally on my development version. installing myscriptcase on windows 10

I do not encounter this problem on my production site installed on the net.

I created a blank application that allows you to select the file
when I select the file, it is stored in the directory: C: \ Program Files \ NetMake \ v9-php73 \ wwwroot \ scriptcase \ tmp

below the code on the OnValidateSucess event
[location] = $ this-> Ini-> path_doc. β€œ/”. {import_excel};

when I click on the validate button, I have this error message
Excel file name: The path does not exist or its permissions are not set

help me.
how to fix this permission problem

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did you solve the problem ?

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Same thing here. This started when upgrading from 9.6.5 to 9.6.18
Anyone has a clue ?

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Yes this also happens on me to… On production environment works fine, but localhost i get this error.