Error Message Displaying Behind Header DIV

I created a Control Application with Custom Header HTML Template. I have a Div element with background color fill and no z-index set on my Header. That Control Application, onValidation Event calls sc_error_message if it fail validation. This is displaying error message properly if the screen is maximized. If the screen is windowed with reduced size (Not Page Zoom) then error message appearing behind the Div element in Header, making it difficult for user to see what is going on and click Okay button. If I set my Header Element Z-Index to -1 then it is going behind table (So, I can’t set any lower z-index for my Div Element in Header). I am using scriptcase 8 (Most recent Build).


Issue reported to our bugs team.

Bernhard Bernsmann


You could illustrate in pictures?

Regarding the problem with z-index, could capture the message class (Div sc_error_message) and inform its z-index to 999 (CSS informational message), could solve your problem.

May also be a bug, so I would see pictures and simulate this problem in our system.

Thank you!