error_profile_test_module with Scriptcase 7.x


I have the version 7.x and Version 8.x with SQL SERVER conexion and everyting ok if run in my PC. but when deploy the application and upload and try to connect wiith SQL SERVER I didnt.

The mesage error is


something wrong?


I had some difficulty to get SQL Server running at a client. It depends on the available drivers on your production system. There are several drivers available, did you try them all? I remember that you have to define a DSN first to be able to access any of them. (Through odbc funny enough)

Thanks Aducom,

I think is some library that it did not upload into production ? you know how are the library ?

In my PC everything is fine i can connect easy, but when deploy the application and connect its not possible…


No, if you run sql server then all the stuff to create a connection needs to be setup before defining your connection. So the first step is to see on your server if you can setup a working DSN using your sql server database and you need to use the odbc setup for that. (even for native access) If you can’t then you definitively don’t have the drivers on your system to make things happen and you might have to download stuff from microsoft or contact your provider. You where able to access in development, so in fact you need to repeat these steps on production too. This is not a scriptcase issue afaik,but a driver issue.

My hosting does not allow me to modify the application of script generation connection to the database, so I require modified directly in the code, the user name and password but I could not hubicar in that file and directory production is . 1 Someone can help.