Errors on creating deployment files/blank session cookie lockout? Clearing the tmp files may help

After a really horrible day of sorts of issues mostly not directly caused by SC - but having had to make many, many attempts to deploy the apps I started to get errors when creating the deployment package.

These included:

  • Unable to create a large package, especially using TAR (rather than ZIP) or it failed
  • Script errors during deployment
  • Random hangs and errors
  • Being logged out but losing the session so not being able to log in (see below for solution to this one)

It transpired I had run out of disk space on SC hosting - presumably because I had created so many temporary files and they hadn’t been cleaned up.

Yesterday I was at 20GB/20GB of my allowance, I was able to get rid of some junk and got 4GB headspace and everything was working normally. This morning when I looked I was down to only 6GB - so 14GB was filled up with temporary files!

It would be nice if these were cleaned up more quickly so when you are stressed and tired this doesn’t add to the pressure. However, the temporary files are located at:


Blank Session Cookie lockout
(Supplied by SC Support)
1 - download the file here named sqlite.php

2 - Place this file in public_html

3 - Go to your browser and access this file through the url browser

5 -You will see an input field, there you have to enter the full scriptcase database path

ex: /home/your_user/public_html/scriptcase/devel/conf/scriptcase/nm_scriptcase.db

6 - Hit the submit button and try to log in scriptcase again.

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