Export Graph Application to PDF

The export to PDF and Print work fine on the development server but once put into a production environment, they don’t render the graph image. I’ve reset permissions in the whhtmltopdf directories. AFAIK I have the necessary PHP modules to perform image manipulation installed on the server, which is a typical LAMP - Centos configuration on a VPS. Anybody have any suggestions?

Have you had any feedback on this problem, as I have the same problem now

No, I’ve never been able to get the graphs to export to PDF. I don’t even put that button in the toolbar anymore. Instead, I use the feature in the Chart tab of a chart application which says, “Export Chart”. That puts a little hamburger menu in the top right which allows export to jpg, png, pdf, svg and xlsx formats. That will work for PDF, JPG and PNG. But the usual “Export to PDF” function in the toolbar never works for me on a public-facing server, running a LAMP stack.