Export Project Error at version 9.10.009 (13)

When processing the export of any project in version 9.10.009 (13), it simply ends with an error, which I attach.

It seems that the form of compression is not valid or supported.

and then…

Dear @edifact,

When exporting a project in the most recent version of Scriptcase (9.10.009(13)), the project was exported normally, and it was also possible to download it without errors.

If possible, check if the error occurs in the latest version of Scriptcase by creating a project and exporting it.

We await your feedback.

Best regards!

This test has already been carried out, all the options to carry out the export have been tried. This has already been done with a support executive. Likewise, php.ini was reviewed, maximum values were increased, Apache was restarted, the operation was executed with Firefox Chrome, Safari. The environment was reviewed to see how it is installed, among other things.

He replicated the error in his environment.

The verdict is that an isolated event, however I sent it to its development area and it is expected to update in the next version.

I would like to know how I could reinstall WITHOUT AFFECTING my project that is not backed up, because the project cannot be exported.

If I’m a little worried, because I keep developing in this environment without knowing if something is going to happen later, I won’t know until the next version arrives.

On the other hand, it could be that during the manual installation from the same scriptcase environment, there could be some intermittency and that is why the installation was incomplete. Is there a possibility of ironing the version without affecting the projects included there?

Any ideas that can help me?