Export to PDF error not found

I need some help to resolve this problem, and I don?t know how to follow these steps, I will apreciate if somebody can help me to perfom it.

Thank you in advance!!

"PDF generation displays message: “Not Found”
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Then follow the step by step to perform the correction of the error “Not Found” when running the PDF generation.

First step:
Navigate to the folder ‘tmp’ in its publication folder. Open the file “.log”, which was generated with the name of your PDF. and save your content.

Second step :


After this, open your terminal server, type “cd /publication_folder/_lib/prod/third/wkhtmltopdf/linux-i386 or linux-amd64”, choose according to your version of Linux .


After this, open your terminal server, type “cd /publication_folder/_lib/prod/third/wkhtmltopdf/win”.


After this, open your terminal server, type “cd /publication_folder/_lib/prod/third/wkhtmltopdf/osx”.

Third step:

Now, that you are in “/publication_folder/_lib/prod/third/wkhtmltopdf/OS_folder”, run the command that was saved on the one step.

Fourth step:

Will be displayed an error, it which say that is missing a library on your operational system. Perform the installation of the library applied for and try to perform the generation of the PDF again."

I’m also don’t know how it works. I’m having a problem with export to pdf. Works fine with local server but did’t work in production server…

the same problem also I have it in production environment when using share hosting. Someone knows the solution to this problem.

Hi There:

Verify the generated content of your application, commonly you will have something like “error_log” file with the specific errormessage from php. post it here so we can help you.


this is log path _lib/tmp
./wkhtmltopdf-i386 --page-size Letter --orientation Portrait --outline-depth 0 --header-right “[page]” http://www.soltisam.com/mlpagos/_lib/tmp/sc_app_grid_sec_users_html_1bca1927a0326e7a1ae8e07d2cf99514.html /home/soltisam/public_html/mlpagos/_lib/tmp/sc_pdf_20150304163144_385_app_grid_sec_users.pdf
and this text is in error_log app

[04-Mar-2015 16:32:06 America/Lima] PHP Warning: readfile(/home/soltisam/public_html/mlpagos/_lib/tmp/sc_pdf_20150304163144_385_app_grid_sec_users.pdf) [<a href=‘function.readfile’>function.readfile</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/soltisam/public_html/mlpagos/app_grid_sec_users/app_grid_sec_users_download.php on line 33

Ok, the first one seems to be a problem with your header… [page] looks to me like a SC global variable, if that the case take it off and try again.

The message for error_log says that the file does not exists… this can be due to the error generating the file for that [page] thing… worst case scenario your problem might be access to write files… being the reason why the .pdf file is not being generated.

try setting the access to such directory to 777. tho i strongly believe it might have something to be with your globals.


Yes, looks like you have a problem with your globals, but you are also experiencing a scriptcase bug.

The http://… along with your URL in the command line is a scriptcase bug. It should be an absolute directory for two reasons:

  1. If your web site forces https (which is a very good idea) then the pdf creation will fail.
  2. If your web server is dmz protected or otherwise has not DNS resolution for the URL then pdf creation will fail.

This is just one more reason why we always call tcpdf directly rather than using the broken sc pdf macros.

This bug has existed for a at least a year, I reported it by email a year ago, and it has been completely ignored by NetMake.

See this thread: click



I am having the same problems generating PDF. It is very strange that exactly the same scriptcase installation runs without problems and it generates beautiful pdf documents on one server and the same installation fails when run on another webhost.

Everything the same, only different webhost. So my conclusion would be the hosting provider has to do something to correct this error. But what ? We checked the prod folders but all 777 there. We checked JRE, it is there.

Any suggestions ? Or move everything to a hosting provider where it works ? Suggestions for a provider in the Netherlands are welcome.


It’s most likely that you have a rights issue, or some kind of config issue. Since it’s only pdf I can’t tell why though. Is fpdf not working or one of the executables.

I had to set execute permissions on the executable. /_lib/prod/third/wkhtmltopdf/linux-amd64/wkhtmltopdf-amd64