Export XLS file stops at 99%

I am using two Postgresql databases and Apache2 Ubuntu Server. One for my development environment and one for the production environment. I have no problem exporting Word files on both servers, but on my production server, I cannot export excel files. It stops after 99% image.

XLS format works fine, it’s only when I choose XLSX format. So for me the case is solved. :upside_down_face:

I had the same problem a few days ago, I increase memory_limit in php.ini and it’s working fine now. The same kind of problem can also happen if the Temp Folder (usually /_lib/tmp) doesn’t have the write attribute. (777 under linux)

I tried to change memory_limit in my php,ini from 128 M to 256M. Restarted Apache2. No change.
I also chmod 777 my /_lib/tmp , with no luck. Export of XLS still works fine.
Thank you anyway. :+1: