Express Edit - Can Field Alignment Be Set?

Does anyone know if there is the ability to express edit field alignment, either horizontally or vertically, across a number of grids, or even forms? Even better, can you set the scope of the express edit by field type? For example, all text fields left aligned, all date fields centre aligned etc. I think you can set defaults when creating new apps, but I am looking for something that does the job when the form is created.

If you have a number of lists, and you want to change the “standard” for your website (like have all grid fields top and left), editing every field in every grid is incredibly painful!

Hi rustyl_aus.
For the Express Edit, I haven’t seen anything like that. But you can set your Project default values so whenever you create an application, it takes the settings from there.
See “Project / Default values” menu.
Hope this helps.

Yes, I am aware that you can do this as an app default. But the challenge starts when, for example, there is a change request to re-align date fields to make them left aligned (when they are centre aligned). You then find yourself going through every grid, changing one field at a time. It is time consuming, tedious, painful and error prone. I was hoping for something a little more useful.

It is a pity SC is not more “open” - things like this would be rapidly addressed by a community of developers who were motivated to see this platform grow, and we would al benefit.

But thank you for taking the time to respond.


That is right. This would be helpful.
Good luck.