express edit does not seem to work for header footer

In SC I have setup my defaults for the headers / footers via sc->menu->Project->Default Values
went through each tab (ie Grid, Form, Control etc.) and set the values for the header footer template…

(please note… the default values can also be set via sc->menu->Options->Settings->Default Values)

PROBLEM: after creating several forms and grids, I noticed I mis-spelled and mis-formatted a couple of items.

What I thought was the solution was to use the Express Edit option and select the templates (header footer) and re-compile my forms and grids. NO WORK!!

Next… dbl-checked the defaults values… Just as I needed them with the correct info. However, the forms/grids still contains the bad data.

Next… using Express Edit, selected using the other templates (not the default) Thinking that if I choose an alternate template, the bad data would disappear. Re-Compiled and reviewed. Alternate header footer templates display fine.

Next… using Express Edit, selected the default templates (expecting the data from the default settings)… Re-Compiled and reviewed… Same bad data shows back-up on forms and grids.

BTW… I completely exited SC and logged back in (because of some sort of bugging SC programming when trying to make changes to themes, templates and language files).

Any help on HOW to execute mass-edits on header/footer templates will be much appreciated!

Stu Buck


Issue reported to our bugs team.