Few Topics for future webinars

1. Advanced Control Apps (ie. database syncing between 2 locations)
2. Calculating distance on the map (with 2 given ZIP codes)
3. Playing AUDIO in a grid / form
4. Advance layouts for forms.grids (using HTML editor i.e. Dreamveawer or alike) [not SC]
5. Mobile forms/grids ! HOT!
6. Interacting with external systems (iFRAMES, using DIVs, displaying SC grid withing WORDPRESS site etc.)
7. Protecting against SQL injections
8. Advanced validation rules
9. Using stored procedures and triggers in SQL/MySQL
10. Creating and manipulating views

11. Language colaboration (how project membrs can edit Language files) without SC license ? BIG GUESS for me (or impossible?)
12. Incorporating documents withing SC FORMS and FORMS within HTML documents

I hope this is enough for the net 3 months…

Example of using HELP CASE would be nice as well

2: http://www.zipcodeapi.com/index.php or google api: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/distance-matrix
3: Playing audio in a grid… There was no standard of that before HTML5. Alternatives: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10041723/how-to-embed-audio-within-a-website
9: ?? That is not really a scriptcase case but basic mysql.
10: I guess that is pretty basic, any reasonable sql book will tell you how to do that. The short version "make an sql query working, then make the view like select column1, column2 ,… from (your select query). http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10041723/how-to-embed-audio-within-a-website and http://www.arachnoid.com/MySQL/views_joins.html

rr - thanks for your information, I would like to see however some working exampes.
If most of the topis are no god for you then what are the webinars for ?
I have seen some people here andthere referrencing users to some external sources (usually saying it is “easy”), but then when I asked details on how to impement it in SC they had no clue. For example your suggestion on creating SQL view i ok, but it does not tell one how to implement advanced features and how to incorporate the view into SC. I guess I was able to build simple view based on several related tables in SC SQL builder (which is nice help) but then inserting the code into to SC (where SQL cose is put) causes some issues and questions. Why not simply create a webinar based on 3 tables from start to end ?

Personally (for example) I have never used API’s before with SC and even if I have rough idea on how this supposed to work I do not know where to start in SC.


Well api’s are usually made with plain php (or javascript) in mind. E.g. the google distance api. Others are with php and javascript in mind e.g. google maps (for map display) api’s.
So basically you need to add custom php code under your run buttons or under events just like normal. Be it that you need to find out where to exactly put it.
An api is very very specific, each one is different so it is very hard to explain. I know the google stuff is about create the proper xml messages, sending the xml to google and receiving the reply.
e.g.: http://www.paul-norman.co.uk/2009/07/using-google-to-calculate-driving-distance-time-in-php

How to use this or that api is therefore not really a scriptcase issue but a how do I do this or that in php issue.
So what I usually do in these case is that I use raw php or a run button in scriptcase to call this or that api. After whcih I found out the reply of a call and work out what else I can do with it.
E.g. you could use an api to find the result of some calculation and then put the result in one of your own editable fields.

I think scriptcase should have a custom field type which we can set in position and size (if we would want to) and have that react to events. That would be a usefull addition since we
would be able to dump a reply from some api (or whatever) in there. But also some custom stuff like an audio fields would make it very helpfull.

Many questions can be answered by looing at the w3schools website. Same with audio/vido playing. http://www.w3schools.com/tags/av_met_play.asp
For some things (e.g. stored procedures) there is lots of info on the web: http://www.mysqltutorial.org/mysql-stored-procedure-tutorial.aspx I found it within one second… So some searching and fiddling with it should get you started. You need to play with it a bit.

I agree with you “rr” but there is nothing better than examples! I still opt-in for SAMPLE Apps with API and other stuff. Things might be easy for advanced users but for beginners this is complex stuff!


The only problem is that every api is totally different… So which api would want to see first?

users might have different preferences, but for me the API that allows to calculate the distance between two different locations would be great to start with. I’m not expecting to cover all API examples as the possibilities are endless ,but the are some common features that most people would want to incorporate into SC, so perhaps 2-3 examples should be fine.


Ok the next question is what distance: the road distance (thus I would use google) or the geographical distance? It it is the road distance then by what kind of vehicle?
And what do you define as a location, a country+city+street+number or a geographical point or maybe something else?
Then once a distance is delivered in what way should it be delivered? In miles, km, or something else like a picture with lines on it following roads or pointing straight from A to B?
With or without a map result?
One of the first steps is to describe what the details are so that we talk about the same things, it is so easy to misunderstand details if they arent mentioned.
So to get it clear it is also best to show examples of how the input and output would be preferred.
Once this is reasonably defined and an api is found (I suggest using google maps api for this since this is free and the api is pretty good) we can start doing the real work.

[QUOTE=aka;32980]I agree with you “rr” but there is nothing better than examples! I still opt-in for SAMPLE Apps with API and other stuff. Things might be easy for advanced users but for beginners this is complex stuff!


Arthur, you joined in Oct 2012, so you are not a beginner with SC !

6: My colleague needed 3 weeks to get SC-grid working with Joomla !
I needed 1 week to get the slidorion (http://slidorion.com/) working and annother 1 week, so that my customer could set all effects in a form and i take it at startup from the DB.
9: Views and Procedures depend on the DB you use, so should they make videos for all DB’S ?
I for myself create the views in my DB’s not in SC.
11: If you have a look, how the language files are made, it’s no problem, that a customer without a license could change the language.
The idea is: make a DB-table, declare the variables, let the user change the description and write the new language file after saving ( I start this project a few weeks ago for my own projects cause my customer always wants annother description on buttons, titles and so on).

SC itself should work on the BUGS and not spending time what else could be done in SC !

That’s my opinion !

Addition from me :

  • Access dynamic table in grid / form, so I can have table that divided into years and months. Example table Payment, it will be like this Payment201501, Payment201502, Payment201503 and so on

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