Field Value Lost When Linking

Dear All,

I created a very simple Control application. It has 1 field(text) and 1 button(a link to a grid). When it’s run, I enter a value in the text field and then click the button to call the linked grid. When I click the Back button to return from the grid to the text field, the value I entered is gone and the text field is blank. This is true whether or not I click the Ok button before linking.

How can I keep the value from being lost?

Thank you.


Use a global variable to store the value? It is caused by a refresh of your application.

Hi Albert,

Thank you! Also, found that if the link uses Modal setting then values are preserved.

Much appreciated!


Hi Albert,

One more question. Are the fields stored in the server memory or user’s workstation memory? If in server, is there a way to save in user’s workstation memory instead?

Thanks again!!!