File exports under https - VERY slow performance

Scriptcase (version 9.7. 0.19) runs exports very slow over https compare to normal http. Both protocol versions have been tested.

The problem: When exporting to Excel (or XML/CSV), the progress bar counter start with a few records. Then it hangs for more than a minute, and the end user will easily think that the process has stopped because no progress is shown.

But after a minute or two, the 100 % message shows up and the file can be downloaded.
The export is only 2000 records (and a very small report). Under http it takes three seconds, under https it takes 2-3 minutes.

Anyone that is running 9.7 over https with file exports working with normal performance?

The https config runs with no other problems (certificate OK) - and behave as expected for other functions in Scriptcase.

The Scriptcase Apache error logs shows the following error:

[ssl:error] [pid 4880:tid 1176] (70014) End of file found: [client] AH02013: coalesce failed to read from data bucket

PDF exports run OK for both protocols.

All file exports will ACTUALLY execute, with the annoying fact that https does not return the report in a few seconds - but minutes…

The database used in this regard, is one mysql db table with approx 2800 records. Not a very big table in other words.

This is a very serious bug/problem for us. Scriptcase file exports are close to impossible to use over https - with this performance and delay issue.

If someone has experience with v. 9.7.x and https on Windows (64), with special attention to file exports (excel, csv etc), please let me know. BTW, PDF exports is actually working fine (previously this was a problem in SC).

  • tom

Problem solved, but still points to an issue with Apache 2.4 and Scriptcase under Windows server (2016). Had to turn off the KeepAlive directive in httpd.conf by setting it to KeepAlive off. This made the file exports for excel to work as expected.

Dear Tom,

Can you please share your thoughts on how to install an SSL certificate on an APACHE SERVER that comes with Scriptcase?

I wait to hear from you

Yes, it runs slow as It takes time because I guess, it reads the file locally and sends records in batches and it is happening in asynchronous mode and thereby time goes into ensuring a trust relationship indicating that it is a same user. But it is working.