File upload error with not English-only filename.

In the new ScriptCase(also the old version), when I put a file upload control on the form and upload files, it always success with English-only filenames, and when the filename contains non-English characters, it always failed. the upload progress bar keep still and upload failed.

The reason is when upload the files with non-English characters, it’s not using wrong encoding perhaps.

When I tell the client to change the filename to all-English, it works fine.

Could you fix this?

It’s urgent and have a project running and got complaints everyday.

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Issue reported to our bugs team.

Bernhard Bernsmann

I have the exact same problem,
My problem is that in localhost everything works fine… For example if i upload a greek named file it’s uploaded correctly…
But if i upload the exact same file in production enviroment, the greek named file it is uploaded wrong…
But in english characters in the prod env, everyrthing works fine.
Can anyone help ?