Filter Charts within Containers

I have four charts within a container and I would also like to add a filter that would only display a particular year. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Of course you can just apply the filter to the sql of the particular chart. Also you can create a drilldown on your chart which will zoom in. But I guess you are trying to pass a global variable through the container into the chart? You cannot by default. But you can create a session variable to pass the value.

First, thank you for replying, I’m afraid I am new to Scriptcase so while your reply now confirms this is feasible, it doesn’t tell me exactly how to accomplish this. I would be interested in trying to pass a global variable “Year” to all four charts currently within my container. How do I go about creating a session variable? Are there instructions on how to accomplish?

Thank you again.

Is there anyway I can obtain further clarification on the use of session variables?