Filter Menu in the Header

Hi all,

its my First Project with scriptcase - its also my First try to create a Website :slight_smile:

My Grid - based on an Firebird SQL - works Fine. The next step is to implement a Filter in the Header of the Grid. At the Moment, an Advanced Filter could be opened by clicking on the Button - a New Tab will be opened. I want These Tab in the Header without clicking on a Button.

You know what I mean?



You can config advanced search to open in the same window instead other window in grid condig.

About filter dont understand what are you trying to achieve sorry

Hi Guiseppe,

thx for replying.

Let me explain more Detail. In The Header of The Grid is a quick search. Quick search is searching in definieded columns.

What I want is, like The quick search a search, which is searching in a specified Field. For example:

I want to search for an eployee ID. In The Header is a Filter called employee ID, if someone types an ID, only rows with this ID should be shown.




You can config wich fields quicksearch searchs, but you cant add more “filters”. In toolbar you just add “system buttons” and button with your own code, but buttons not other kind of control

Okay, thats Not Good. Maybe u will change it. im Scriptcase v9 :wink:

Its simply cool to Filter The Grid in few clicks, Not by Open a New Tab :frowning:

An other question:
Scriptcase counts The Nummer of rows with:
Count(my SQL Statement) an then my SQL Statement runs another Time. Thats why The Time grow up.

Can I generate an other SQL for The count?