Fire a Scriptcase Event Dynamically

From time to time I have found it handy to want to use the ‘on’ Events of a Form or other Scriptcase application type after writing some custom code. So for example lets say I want to execute the event 'onValidate" after clicking a button on the Toolbar. Can I do this in Scriptcase? Right now I do not think I can.

So I’d like to suggest a macro called ‘sc_event’. The ‘sc_event’ macro would execute one of the events in the current application. I am thinking that having this capability would present even more customization within applications for developers.

you can just put your code existing in “onValidate” event into button on the Toolbar.

Define a PHP method and call from event and button possibly with a parameter to indicate by whom it was called.
Another suggestion to manage different customization for different customers is to define a global variable containig a CUSTOM_ID and reference to methods with CUSTOM_ID as root name.