Floating Button To Close or Redirect (Grid or Form)


I am using the tabbed interface for a SC solution that has around 300 forms and grids.

I have a close or back button on each form or grid - always in the same position. For some of the grids and forms there is a bit of scrolling involved. The users are asking if the back / close button can be floating so that they do not have to go back to the top of the form/grid to close it.

I know there is a go back to top floating button here which might be part of the solution:

Does anyone know if it works for forms as well as grids?

The other option might be to “freeze” or “float” the toolbar where all the buttons are - something like what happens with the headings when you scroll a grid… is that possible?

I’d appreciate any help.

Regards, Russell.

Is this what you’re after?


Thank you for your reply. I am not sure I follow it 100%, but I’ll give it a try. Much appreciated.