Focus on search area for Select2 elements on forms apps requires two clicks - change or bug?

Select2 fields in forms apps have an option (“Display Select2 search area”) so that user can type to search for an entry in the select list (very useful for long lists).

When a user clicks on the field, this search area is shown below it at the top of the list.

The issue I have is that, before being able to type anything, users have to first click on the field and then click another time on its search area so that focus is moved inside it.

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that with previous versions of SC that the one I’m using now (9.8.009) with just one click on a Select2 field the focus went directly into its search area.

If I’m completely off and this two-click thing has been always the case, please @NetMake “fix” it to make it more user friendly by moving the focus on the first click.


@NetMake return to the same behaviour than version 9.7


I generated a bug ticket. They told me is going to be fixed in next release.

thanks a lot

Fixed on 9.9.002