folder strategy

I’ve recently purchased the enterprise version and therefore have SC running on a couple PC’s. I’m thinking about strategy for creating test applications and folders and looking for any thoughts/practices that I should consider. For example, I have a network drive storage drive (a Western Digital MyBookLive ethernet drive) which has a lot of space and would like to use it in some way to conserve space on my laptop hard drive. I also could use one of two different PC’s to do development. So I’m curious if anyone has some thoughts or recommendations on setting up system folders advantageously.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts to this kind of general question.



You can allow acces via samba on that ehternet drive (assuming the wd supports it, most reasonable network hdd drives do). That should be in the manual of the drive. Then on your servers create a link (see for example: with the proper credentials filled in and have your servers point to that remote drive via the link. This works well under service as well provided you allow your scriptcase to access that link. Alternatively you could even setup the link to be somewhere in your www dir (but then be aware of the dangers!).
We here store our images at a remote server via a link, but not in the www dir but in in the c:\storage link. I used mklink for this.