Fontawesome icons

On a Grid Application detail how to display a fontawesome icon (not an image)? Maybe as a new data type similar as current HTML Image.

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It looks like it is quite simple (for once)…

  1. Create a text field. e.g. test_icon
  2. in onRecord or similar set the field value to the icon:
    {test_icon} = '<i class="fas fa-utensils"></i>';

That’s it!

It is then possible to generate an Application Link on the field as usual and clicking the link works.

Notes: Only solid icons work, and then not all of them either. e.g.
<i class="fa-solid fa-calendar-check"></i> doesn’t work.

See also: How To Add Icons | Font Awesome Docs

It would be useful to know what the subset of Fontawesome icons are that are provided or/and how to add more.

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This is great! Thanks so much.
You can ALSO use these as Header Labels.

in the Label box of a Text field I did this:

<i class="far fa-calendar-check"></i>';

With this on the On Record event for the Label
{test_icon} = '<i class="fas fa-utensils"></i>';
2022-04-30 11_22_22-Window